Electronic product development services

Sector Technology understands the design process and how to take a product from concept to production. We have a proven track record of successfully developing embedded software for medical, industrial and consumer devices.

Medical Devices



Surgical Laser


Arterial Occlusion


Surgical cryogenic device



  • Upgraded diagnostic devices with Bluetooth interface to Android readout app
  • Cypress PSoC embedded controller hardware & firmware for cold compression therapy
  • Lithium battery operated Control Unit for total occlusion penetration to clear blocked arteries
  • Developed ChipCorder speech prompts and class D amplifier for cryo-surgical device
  • Hemoglobin and A1c measuring device with barcode and RFID tag reader
  • 1/4 VGA flat panel controller & formatter for surgical laser control unit
  • Dual solid-state laser controller for surgical blood clot removal (CPU 80C188)
  • Prothrombin time (PT) blood monitor with color sensing and graphic LCD readout
  • Battery powered ECG, temperature & blood pressure monitor circuits with wireless output
  • Gene sequencing optical scanner using PMT photon counter, controlled galvanometer & stepper motor
  • Surgical cryogenic controller with 80188 CPU and graphic LCD user interface





Personal tracking system


Bluetooth RFiD tester


Real-time location system with RFiD tags



  • Upgraded diagnostic devices with Bluetooth interface to Android readout app
  • Wireless location device using LSI Logic 32-bit ARM core and SIRF GPS module with key fob
  • Design & firmware for RF location & tagging device. PIC16C923 with mux LCD
  • IR communications between notebook PC and peripherals implementing IRDA physical layer
  • Analog design, DAA, ring generator & compliance testing of secure fax / modem
  • 386SX laptop computer design with Cirrus flat panel controller, Sierra modem & NSC Ethernet chipset


Consumer Products





Solar battery charger




  • ┬áDesign & prototyped ultra-thin business card foldable USB memory stick
  • Manage ARM Cortex controller hardware design review and evaluate custom piezo drive
  • Digital voice recorder firmware using ISD Chipcorder for Sharper Image
  • FoodsaverTM bag sealer control electronics using PIC 16C620
  • Produced development and test boards for 32 bit RISC CPU (VM32) applications development
  • Managed design of PC card reader to SCSI interface for desktop PC’s
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